Location and Hours of Operation

Where are you located?

How do I get there?

What are your hours of operation?

What is your weather policy?

Do you close for private events?


How much does it cost to play?

How do I get tickets?

How do Mini Tee Times work?

What if I want to change my Mini Tee Time?

What if I miss my Mini Tee Time?

What is your refund policy?


How can I get the Stagecoach Greens app?

Game Play


How long does it take to play the course?

How do I keep score?

What are the course rules?

Amenities and Accessibility

What are the amenities of the course?

Is there storage available?

Is the course wheelchair accessible?

Rules and Policies


What are the safety rules?

Are there any age restrictions for the course?

Are pets allowed on the course?

What is proper attire for mini golf?


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