By Esther Stearns—December 31, 2018

Dear Golfers,

It has been an extraordinary 2018 and Jan and I are deeply grateful to all who have played at Stagecoach Greens since we opened in August; thank you!

We spent the first half of the year constructing the course and preparing the site. There were many challenges and at times we thought we might not make it! We are very appreciative of Carlos Muela, our partner, who did the site prep, got the food trucks going and helped us at every turn. Carlos’ staff maintains the site, books group events and work with us on planning special events. We are so fortunate to work with them all.

We love our staff. Patricia And Kunjal lead our young staff that includes several high school and college students and young adults. Each one brings a unique contribution and we value them all. Many of our staff live in Mission Bay or nearby and drop by to check in on things even when not working. We are family - in fact, three of our staff are our kids and we LOVE working with them and are so proud of them.

Many people helped build the course but we are especially grateful to Marcus Guillard and the staff at One Hat One Hand who continue to support us, Mike Bravo who keeps the holes working, Dan Schuck for his technology leadership, and Rachel Rapaport, our brilliant partner in telling the Boom and Bust story.

So many talented and lovely people have worked on Stagecoach Greens. We thank them all.

But we also want to thank all of you (more than 40,0000) who have played the course. Every day with you is a party and we are blessed to be part of this.

We wish you all a very happy new year - may 2019 bring you magic and discovery!

With gratitude,

Esther and Jan Stearns