Back to School = Fun Field Trips to Stagecoach Greens!

By Greenskeeper—September, 2019

Kids dig deep into the story of Boom and Bust at the West at Stagecoach Greens

Did you know that we love to host school field trips at the course? We will even open the course early to accommodate educational groups!

There's lots to learn at Stagecoach Greens, from US history and the story of boom and bust in the West to game theory and design.

Last year we had groups design and build their own holes and create rainy day activity books. Recently the teachers at Charles Armstrong School in Belmont created a curriculum using our website and videos, which the kids completed before golfing.

If you are interested in coordinating a trip for your school or program, reach out to us for scheduling and special pricing info:  give us a call at (415) 310-3246, drop by the kiosk or email us at

Stagecoach Greens, the city’s only outdoor mini golf course located at 1379 4th Street, San Francisco, relies on good old-fashioned western ingenuity to keep its loyal fans engaged both on and off the course. The course invites visitors to participate in the story of Boom and Bust in the West, from the Washoe Tribe, to the Gold Rush, to the Summer of Love and the Tech Boom. It’s a love letter to San Francisco and the brave people who come here seeking gold (in whatever form) and shape the city with their spirit of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and invention. See more of the story, including mini-documentary films at