A note on reopening from Jan and Esther

By Stagecoach Greens—June 16, 2020

 Dear Stagecoach Greens Golfers, 

We are both very eager and very nervous to re-open Stagecoach Greens; we have missed all of you and the excitement of the course. We live nearby and are used to hearing the delighted cheers of golfers whenever we walk our dog or have our windows open. Every time we notice the silence or see the course empty, we feel sad and long for a time that was fun- when everyone was playing together. We launched this business with a vision of "hosting a dazzling party every day." As we contemplated re-opening we couldn't help but feel that now is not the best time for a dazzling party with so much suffering due to Covid and injustice. And yet we know that we heal in relationship and that playing together as a community builds trust and understanding among people. We feel, in our small way, mini golf helps to make the City a bit more human and brings people together. And being outside is good for us all (oh how we miss being OUTSIDE!) So, we are going to re-open with a focus on our mission of providing a venue for people to get outside and play together. We know that it will not feel like it did (for a while anyway) and we feel sad about that but protecting the health of our guests and staff is a priority for us.

Reopen dates and times
We plan to re-open June 25, 2020 and - like so many businesses - we will be opening with more restrictions.  We also plan to start with limited times and days so that we can fine-tune our social distancing plan. Tickets with tee times will be released for sale on our website and app on Thursday, June 18 at noon. 

We will start with ONLY Mini Tee Time tickets (i.e. reservations are required, no walk-ins); you will ONLY be able to use tickets with tee times purchased in advance on our website or app and reservation fees will apply. 

New Rules of Play
You will notice some marked differences from "how it used to be." For example, there will be fewer people on the course, we will require that groups wait for holes ahead of them to clear before advancing, we will require that children play with adults and be closely monitored, enforce golfing group sizes and require that players not leave and come back to the course.  All equipment needs to stay on the course and not be shared and once you start playing, you will need to play through and then leave the course.  It is hard for us, but we cannot allow food and drink on the course.  

We hope that we can get through this hard time and that SCG will be a place of respite for a weary City. We ask for your support in maintaining a safe environment for everyone who plays and works at SCG. Please do not come if you feel ill, please respect the requests of our staff, and help us make SCG a safe and fun place to #playtogether. 

With love, excitement and nervousness, 

Jan and Esther